Is it healthy growth? 
Or is he behind?

These moments go by so fast...

The baby you're cuddling this week is going to be a completely different person in just a few weeks. 

The Milestone Marker is the easiest way to track your baby's growth and capture all those little moments quickly and with a minimum amount of work.  

Over 140 milestones, growth charts, printables, and other worksheets that will not only track memories, but help your doctor in assessesing your baby's developmental progress.  

Time is Precious.  

The Milestone Marker is designed to help ALL parents get excited about the growth and development their little one is going through.  I offer fun brain-boosting baby games, photo-op suggestions, and other helpful tidbits to help you wring the MOST out of every second.  Besides milestones, this book also includes growth charts and printables to help you be prepared for doctor's visits and have peace of mind that he really IS growing at just the right rate.  

“I love this!  It is exactly what a tired, busy, mush-brained new mom like  me needs.  I love that the milestones are listed out because it gives me behaviors to watch for.  I also love that I can check off what my baby accomplishes or write more detailed notes about he reached that milestone.  I like it much better than the traditional baby book I had when my daughter was born."

Heidi Bauza - busy mother of two

100% Froo-Froo Free

Other milestone books are filled with sappy poems, pointless personal stories from the author, and other filler junk to extend the page count. 

Not The Milestone Marker.  It's 100% froo-froo free.  No poetry.  Not even a Roses are Red. 

It's all about YOUR baby. 

Three for the price of one 

The Baby Food Cheat Sheet:  Did you know there's a method behind introducing baby food?  That some foods are actually dangerous if you introduce them too early?   This little eBook gives you a month-by month guide of which foods are safe at which age.

Save your Sanity Tracking Sheets:  The doctor will pepper you with questions at your next well-baby visit.  Do your tired brain a favor and use these tracking sheets!  They provide reusuable diaries for breastfeeding, bottle feeding, sleeping, and even poops.  (Because the doc is going to ask about those!)

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Want a Peek Inside? 

Curious to snoop under the hood?  Why not take a few pages for a test drive?  

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